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Chris [St. Clair]~

Thank you, Chris, for your help with the MHFA portal! Hopefully my issues will get resolved soon, but I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to complete the class creation for me!


Melissa Ladd Patnode


Chelsea [Oliver] and Christina [Crouch]~

You have done a wonderful job with streamlining a process for our offsite events. You have been thoughtful in ordering everything we may need from tables, wagons, tablecloths, and so much more.

Our CH&W team really appreciate how convenient you have made this. Thank you.

Jessica B


Steven [Dunning]~

Thank you for going Above & Beyond in hooking up MB's computer equipment today.

It has already relieved some frustration and made her more efficient!

You are GREATLY appreciated!



Robin [Miller] and Andrew [Murphy]~

I'm bragging on both of you. You jumped in to help with an audit the state Office of Inspector General asked LifeWays to do on their behalf. Because of you it was done in 1 day. Thanks for your willingness to share your expertise and time.

You're both fantabulous!

Ken B


Tara [Mangham], Cammie [Angstman], Kelly [DeBoe]~

I'm thankful for their hard work and diligence in completing a Hillsdale resource binder. These girls have spent a lot of hours researching and have created something that is essential in connecting consumers with resources in Hillsdale.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Ruth Brown, CHW


Thank you to the amazing CHW team [Cammie, NiAsia, Tara, Reta, and Jessica for their welcoming ways and for all the time they have taken out of their busy schedules to help train me and answer questions.

This is a very visionary and perceptive team that anticipates where I am going and helps me navigate a plan to get there. They are tireless in their patience. They are constantly going out of their way to show me helpful tips. They make me feel like it is OK to ask a question if I need to. This CHW team is very much appreciated because they know how to onboard a new person and I am humbled to be on their team.

Thank you so much!

Ruth Brown, CHW


On behalf of the Engagement team we would like to send a huge shout out to Austin [Lehman]~

Austin goes above and beyond reaching out to the individuals in jail and connecting with the Engagement Team. Austin does well with communicating with the Engagement Team and ensuring the clients have the necessary pieces to be served.

Austin has been rocking his position and the Engagement Team is thankful for him!!

Laura Smith