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Dawn [Bartell] and Liz [Taylor]~

I would like to "brag" about Dawn and Liz. They cleaned out and organized our current breakroom so that we could get our new icemaker moved to that location. The breakroom now looks fabulous and is much more functional!

I appreciate them!

Shelly [Rockafellow]


Andrew [Murphy], Belle [Black], Bobby [Coleman], Casie [Schirer], Kari [Chesher], Rick [VanWagoner], and Sharon [Hasen]~

Shout OUT to the Contracts team.

It has been a hectic 2 weeks and I have sent a lot of questions to the team. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me as we work together to address provider needs and concerns to have all contracts signed and fully executed no later than 10.31.23.

Shannan [Clevenger]


Tia [Truitt]~

Thank you so much for all of your help and collaboration with getting DHHS the necessary documents scanned in so that my consumer wouldn't lose his benefits. I could not physically fax them due to being in the community running around all day.

Had it not been for your support and making this a team effort, our consumer would have been in a predicament.

Tara [Mangham]


Shelly [Rockafellow], Liz [Taylor], Wendy [Hemry], Sam [Tylutki], Caron [Wootten], Aubreigh [McLain], Ashton [Dixon],~

Thank you so much for all of your help that you do each day! I bounce back and forth quite a bit between Hillsdale and Jackson County. With more help being requested from consumers, there have been times where I cannot be in both places at once and the front desk staff have been so accommodating making sure that our consumers are taken care of and I am able to continue to assist other individuals in the process.

Thank you all so much for all the extra tasks and support you provide.

Tara [Mangham]


Alexis [Shapiro]~

Thank you so much for facilitating getting the banner for the Medicare exhausted inpatient psychiatric hospitalization days. It is extremely helpful when evaluating the need for continued stay reviews, and having the banner has already saved me time with three different cases!


Joann [Przano]


Doug [Brinker]~

I want to give Doug Brinker a big thanks for a Veteran who needed a ride to get eye surgery.

The Veteran has no family local and cannot see and he lives alone. He needed cataract surgery and had no ride however Doug stepped up and took him to his surgery appointment, waiting for him and then assisted the Veteran in setting up his follow up appointment and needed transportation for that appointment.

Randy [Evans]