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Emmet Burns, Intern
Emmet Burns
Bachelors of Psychology
Isabelle Barber, Intern
Isabelle Barber
Bachelors of Psychology
Makenna Devine, Crisis Specialist
Makenna Devine
MSW Intern
NiAsia Perdue, Community Health Worker
NiAsia Perdue
Human Services Intern
Rebecca Smith, Intern
Rebecca Smith
LPC Intern
Savanna Clore, Intern
Savanna Clore
Wellness Intern
Shelby Chapo, Intern
Shelby Chapo
Bachelor of Psychology
Sharon Fielders, Intern
Sharon Fielders
NP Intern
Stephanie Lyerla, Case Manager
Stephanie Lyerla
MSW Intern
Tabatha Sharlow, Intern
Tabatha Sharlow
MAC Intern


Elizabeth Covington, 2-1-1 Temp
Elizabeth Covington
Janet Scott, 2-1-1 Temp
Janet Scott
Scott Walker, DHHS.png
Scott Walker
DHHS ~ JobStar
Sharon Hasen, (Contracts) Admin Temp.png
Sharon Hasen
(Contracts) Admin
Sheebon Baker, 2-1-1 Temp
Sheebon Baker
Yudelkis Serrano-Diaz, 2-1-1 Temp
Yudelkis Serrano-Diaz