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Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Requisition Form
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Employee Expense Report Form ~ 2023


Access Services Case Management Indirect Staff Activity Codes
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Supports Intensity Scale SUD Outpatient


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Frequently used Acronyms Administrative Assistant Manual Customer Service Expectations for LifeWays Employees
Interoffice Department Delivery Coversheet Grievance, Appeal, and Dispute Resolution Form MDHHS Protected Health Information Consent Tool
Process Change Provider Change Request Form Report of Suspected Non-Compliance Form

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Annual 457 Pension Overview (8/8/23) Applicant Pool Video for Supervisors
2024 LifeWays Benefit Guide (The POOL) 2024 LifeWays Open Enrollment Plans
2023 Holiday List 2024 Holiday List
Benefit Hub Flyer Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employee Handbook Counseling/Disciplinary Action Form
Employee Termination Checklist Guide Ethical Standards
EEOC | Know Your Rights Workplace Discrimination is Illegal (English) EEOC | Know Your Rights Workplace Discrimination is Illegal (Spanish)
LivingWell Point Tracker Form Labor Law Poster
Relias: Upload External Trainings Success Coach Contact
Supervision Log Telework Agreement
Tickets At Work benefit Wage Scale
Traditional or Roth: Which Retirement Plan is Right for You?
Certificate of Georgia Workers' Compensation Certificate of Indiana Workers' Compensation
Certificate of Florida Workers' Compensation Certificate of Michigan Workers' Compensation
Certificate of Ohio Workers' Compensation Certificate of Rhode Island Workers' Compensation


PolicyStat Program Home Page (Login) PolicyStat Training: Login PolicyStat Training: Search Function
PolicyStat Training: Printing and Downloading PolicyStat Training: Comments and Editing PolicyStat Training: Workflow - Approval Process for Revised and New Procedures


Recipient Rights Complaint Form Requirements for Reporting Abuse and Neglect


Bomb Threat Emergency Response Report Form (Drills/Alarms/911 calls)
LifeWays Emergency Communications Sheet Emergency Plans & Procedures Evaluation Form
LifeWays Emergency Paging Procedure LifeWays Floor Wardens/Assistants
Employee Injury Report Security / Incident Report
Vestige ~ Attestation Form|Issued Equipment


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